Three PA Day Camps

Three Dates to choose from: 


  • PA Days and Strike Camps to choose from: 


  • ***STRIKE CAMP--1: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6th- Strike Day Camp. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (After Care Option until 4:00 for an additional $10/child/day.) 

    ***STRIKE CAMP--2: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7th-- Strike Day Camp. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (After Care Option until 4:00 for an additional $10/child/day.)


  • 3: Friday February 14th - Theme: "IMAGINATION STATION!" -Lessons will be centered around enhancing and developing our imagination! Art projects, stories and extra improvisation exercises will be included! 


  • 4: Friday June 5th - Theme: "STRANGER DANGER!" - Lessons will be centered around distinguishing the difference between safe and unsafe strangers and locations. Children will learn, act out and improvise different Stranger Danger scenarios. As well, students will learn what and what not to do if they are lost. *Student ratings of these lessons have been very popular!* 

  • 5: Friday June 26th - Theme: "Ha Ha...I'M THE TEACHER NOW!" -Lessons that will promote and bring out what your child feels strongly about! Each student will have a chance to lead an activity and take a turn being the teacher to the rest of the class! 


  • ALL elementary aged children are welcome to attend!  (Jk- Grade 8) 


  •  All PA Day Camps run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Windermere United Church. We offer an hour of After Care until 4:00 pm for an additional $10/child upon arrival or $15/child until 4:30 pm. 


  • Send your child to us for a day of education, creativity and fun! Each PA day will offer Educational Acting lessons and activities based around the daily theme! 


  • In addition to learning about social-emotional skills such as how to cope with bullying, anxiety and public safety, children will learn valuable acting techniques that will help increase their confidence, imagination, emotional intelligence and appreciation. 


  • Moreover, your child will have a blast!



    • Bring a lunch, two snacks and waterbottle.

    • Children may be going across the street (if the weather is nice) to Willards Garden Parkette. Therefore, please provide your child with weather appropriate clothing and accessories. 

    • After purchase, a confirmation email will be sent to ensure your payment and sign up was received. 

    • A week before the PA Day Camp you will receive a reminder email providing details about the camp. 



    We offer a full refund if notified 10 days prior to the first choosen PA Day Date. 

    If cancellation occurs past the 10 day deadline you will receive a 50% refund. 

    PA Day Camp Dates are exchangable. However, you must give us at least a week's notice if you want to change the dates. 


    Please answer all of the questions in the mandatory information box in the upper right corner of the sign up page to guarantee you won't be bothered later for missing information. You will receive a confirmation email to ensure your payment was received and an additional email providing details about the camp.



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